Home Update.. we are in!!

So after six months of dawdling about with a half-written blog post in my drafts, I’ve now finally gotten around to adding the final edits to this post. I was meant to post a Home Update all the way back in September, however I was waiting for the finishing touches to specific rooms to be complete. There were certain things I wanted to show you in this post, and rooms I was extremely excited about. So this, coupled with a hectic December, consisting of getting engaged (eek!!), going away for a mini break and getting a beautiful new little puppy – it’s been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least!!! So I thought I would post this now, to give you a bit of an update!

After what felt like forever, we FINALLY moved into our home in August. Never again do I want to see another paintbrush, or hear the words “can you gloss the skirting, oh and don’t forget the two layers of undercoat” or spend several hours wrestling with the frogtape (which, by the way, is a completely overrated item, and caused us more problems than solutions!). It has been a lot of long evenings, where instead of going home and relaxing with a glass of red, we were trudging over to the house, paintbrush in hand. But, I must say, through all the tears, tantrums and fights with the frogtape, it has all been worth it. We have been spending the last 6 months making the finishing touches to our home, so I thought I would give you a sneak peek into what we have achieved so far.


As you may remember, the kitchen was looking (and felt) quite tired, dark and cramped, so the first item on the agenda was to completely brighten this up. I really enjoy cooking and rustling up new dishes, so I wanted to make sure the kitchen was a place I loved to spend time in. In terms of my taste in interiors, I prefer a classic and understated look, with splashes of colour in the accessories – which is why we opted for a grey and white colour palette for the kitchen. It instantly brought so much light into the room, and made it feel so much bigger and brighter. We haven’t yet had the chance to inject much colour into it, so I’m looking forward to browsing the garden centres for some colourful arrangements to add some life and colour into the room!

Living Room

This room was split into two completely separate rooms when we bought the house; a living room and a dining room, both with bright pink and purple chip wallpaper – which we had a bit of trouble removing!! We’ve always wanted a big and open space for a lounge/dining area, which we can use for socialising and entertaining, so we decided to knock the wall down completely in between the two rooms, which allowed for this lovely open space. I’m also a massive fan of winter, so at the same time we wanted to make this room really cosy – I love the feeling of snuggling under a blanket on the sofa, in front of a roaring fire watching a movie. So another must-have for this room, was to install a log-burner.

At the back of the room, we wanted a lovely rustic farmhouse style table, accompanied by some contemporary style low hanging pendant lights – we were lucky enough to find a fantastic company online which did wonderful bespoke tables made to order so we jumped on this instantly, and also found these wonderful pendant lights from a store in Somerset, which go perfectly with our colour scheme.

We’ve managed to create a lovely big and open space, again coloured and styled quite neutrally (for the time being!) which I thoroughly enjoy spending time in.

And for the final addition – I couldn’t resists adding this gorgeous one in – our beautiful and sweet new puppy, who joined the family on 1st January. He’s settling in incredibly well as you can see from this scrumptious snap!!!

So there you have it – a sneak peek into what we have done so far. If you have any great home renovation stories, or tips and ideas, I’d love to hear them!


Home Renovation… Part One!!!

So as I mentioned in my New Years blog, me and my boyfriend, Marcus, have finally purchased our own house!! After a gruelling and painfully drawn out six months, where at times we thought it was all going to fall through and we were never going to get there, on the 5th April, we FINALLY got the keys (see below for the cheesy obligatory ‘we-are-about-to-enter-our-home-for-the-first-time’ snap!!).


As I mentioned previously, this is definitely a project home. The décor is rather dated, and as soon as we walked in, we could both see the potential that the house could have – from knocking walls down, building new rooms and reconstructing the garden, we couldn’t wait to get our hands dirty and start working on it – which we have been doing for the last 10 days! I booked the week off work, which also happened to fall on the Easter weekend (so an extra 2 bank holiday days off – bonus!) meant I was able to fully get invested in working on the house. Now whilst it may not be the most relaxing time off I’ve ever had, and certainly not glamorous (no lounging around by a pool drinking wine, unfortunately) it has actually been a fantastic stress reliever, and knowing that this house is all ours and the hard work we have been putting into it, makes it all worth it.

As a bonus, it’s also a great workout – carting bucketfuls of rubble to and from the skip on a daily basis, stripping wallpaper and hammering out skirting boards meant I didn’t feel the need to hit the gym so much as I knew I was doing a lot of physical labour – and I certainly felt this every morning, waking up with a new part of my body aching!!! I’m also certain I’ve developed an even more unhealthy addiction to caffeine, and there is no way I’m ever going to get every bit of dust that has lodged itself in my hair out, nor am I ever again going to have nice nails!!


We’ve also had some great help from family members, and as you’ll see from the pictures, also two little mischief makers named Merlin and Oscar who manage to get themselves into the majority of pictures!!!

Merlin and Oscar

So this is what we’ve been getting up to for the last ten days – and whilst I’m under no illusions this isn’t going to take a hell of a lot longer (after all, it takes days to rip everything out, however I know it will take four times as long to get it exactly how we want it!!) I can’t wait to go through the next phase of starting to pick out our furniture, colour schemes and general décor. Head over to my Pinterest if you’d like to see my ideas evolving, and I’ll be updating you with another blog post soon to show you how we are getting on!!