Whenever I’m asked to fill out an  ‘About’ section, regardless of whether its a website, profile, application form,  questionnaire or the classic ‘so tell me about yourself’ at an interview, I always seem to find it extremely daunting. I always feel pressured to say something quirky, exciting, witty, original, funny or interesting about me. This is the exact feeling that crept up on me when I found myself on this page. My mind hits a mental block, and all I can think of is my basic profile- name, age, gender, occupation, allergies, pets, favourite colour, what I had for dinner last night, and suddenly find myself thinking ‘Am I really this dull? If I can’t even think of something to write here, how on earth am I going to write a blog?’  It took me about two weeks to think of an original blog name, and that epic brainstorm resulted in ‘Chloe Louise’, which is in fact, just my name. So as you can see, this is not a blog in which I will be posting thought-provoking, life-changing stories upon… here you will find my random and wonderful (debatable, I know) thoughts on beauty products, fashion and lifestyle. I hope you enjoy…

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