Whenever I’m asked to fill out an  ‘About’ section, regardless of whether its a website, profile, application form,  questionnaire or the classic ‘so tell me about yourself’ at an interview, I always seem to find it extremely daunting. I always feel pressured to say something quirky, exciting, witty, original, funny or interesting about me. This is the exact feeling that crept up on me when I found myself on this page. My mind hits a mental block, and all I can think of is my basic profile- name, age, gender, occupation, allergies, pets, favourite colour, what I had for dinner last night, and suddenly find myself thinking ‘Am I really this dull? If I can’t even think of something to write here, how on earth am I going to write a blog?’  It took me about two weeks to think of an original blog name, and that epic brainstorm resulted in ‘Chloe Anderson-Dixon’ … which is, in fact, just my name. So as you can see, this is not a blog in which I will be posting thought-provoking, life-changing stories upon… here you will find my random and wonderful (debatable, I know) thoughts on beauty products, fashion and lifestyle. I hope you enjoy…


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