Beauty Buy of the Week – Guerlain Eyeliner 

I’ve always been a bit makeup lover. That’s not to say I’m actually any good at doing makeup, so I will never protest that I am!! One of my favourite things to do is watch YouTube videos online, including product reviews and tutorials to get some inspiration, and generally to try and improve my makeup skills. Contouring genuinely baffles me, and I have just made peace with the fact I will never be able to do it! I do think it comes down to the fact that I was never good at art – I know that sounds silly, but to me, makeup is truly an art.
As a teenager in the noughties, my go-to makeup was Miss Sporty foundation, Collection 2000 eyeliner and some blue eyeshadow, and over the years thank god the quality of my makeup has got a lot better! I’ve used a huge variety of brands for foundation, including high street brands such as Bourjouis and Rimmel, and the more premium high street brands – my current favourite is Estée Lauder double wear, which is truly gorgeous on my skin, and I never need to reapply this throughout the day.

Now one thing that I’ve always struggled to find, is a good eyeliner. In all honesty, I haven’t varied much from Collection 2000, and that genuinely was one that I always found stayed on my eyes the longest. I tried the likes of Mac, Rimmel and Bourjois but they all rubbed off on my lids within minutes of me applying, so always went back to my trusty Collection 2000. However recently, to my utmost horror, something changed with their eyeliners- I don’t know if they changed an ingredient or the consistency, but it just didn’t have the same amount of stay time- it would crack and crumble off my lids and by the end of the day I hated how I looked, so messy. So I knew it was time for a change. I took myself onto YouTube, and I noticed quite a few of the bloggers I follow and youtubers were raving about this new Guerlain eyeliner. One of the things it was championed for was stay time, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Sickeningly more expensive than what I’m used to (£28 rrp) but I’d already spend the equivalent on four wasted eyeliners so I thought why the hell not?! First of all, look at the packaging. This alone is absolutely stunning, so when it arrived on my desk at work I was slightly worried that this is where my money was going. I just love the beautiful gold gilted lid, and it’s such a gorgeously elegant bottle, with a matte glass. Now for application- I’m used to pen eyeliners, and this one was a brush so I was fairly worried about this; however, application was so so easy- it glided across my eyelid leaving a beautiful, satiny yet matte finish. The brush was fantastic as it allows me to get the cat-like flick, which is part of my signature makeup look. It allows you to touch up any bits you may have missed really easily without messing it up.

Now for the real test- stay time. And I am SO impressed. From the beginning of the day at application, right through to make up removal before bed, it stays the entire day, with no signs of wearing. It is definitely a worthwhile investment, and one I will 100% be carrying on with. If you’ve tried this product, I’d love to hear your views, or if you’d like to try it I’ve popped a link below.

Guerlain Eyeliner