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Ready Steady Glow- Madeleine Shaw 

I pre-ordered Ready Steady Glow in February, and after Madeleine Shaw’s first book, Get the Glow, I had extremely high hopes. Get the Glow was my food bible, and  I was hoping this book would bring me even more tasty, healthy recipes. One of the things that excited me the most about this book, was that it contained quicker and easier meals to make during the week, and this is exactly what I needed.  Madeleine Shaw is a health coach that I am completely and utterly inspired by. Her entire outlook on life, food, and the way you treat your body is completely inspiring, and I truly believe that wellness and nourishment comes from within. Ever since I started eating clean, my skin has been so much more radiant, hydrated and brighter. I have felt more energised and awake, and most importantly, much more confident and happy. The first recipe which took my fancy, was the Goan Chicken Curry recipe.



First of all, this is one of the recipes, where, as Madeleine states in the introduction to this recipe, the majority of ingredients will already be sat in your cupboards. I only had to buy a couple of fresh ingredients to make this, so it was relatively inexpensive. One thing that I do come up against quite often when making fresh and clean meals, it can be very expensive! So I was really pleased to find that within this book, there were a lot of recipes whereby most of the ingredients were already sat in the cupboard, and if they weren’t, they were relatively inexpensive, and easy to find at your local supermarket.


Prep & Cooking Time

The overall prep/cooking  time stated 15 minutes – perfectly manageable after a long day at work!! This was relatively fuss free, and took me about 5-7 minutes to slice the vegetables  and chop the chicken.

Whilst this was all cooking, which took around 7-8 minutes, I prepared and cooked my cauliflower rice. I fried this off in some coconut oil, and put some ground cumin, all spice, cinnamon and a dash of soy sauce in. I let all of this cook for a further 3-4 minutes, and by this point, it was then ready to serve.

And voila! All in all, this took me about 15-20 minutes to prep, cook and serve. One thing that frustrates me so much when you are using a cookbook, is when it gives an ‘approximate cooking time of 30 minutes’, however you end up flustered and chaotic, rushing around the kitchen for an hour and a half! This is what I love about Madeleine’s book- honest, delicious, and her time-scales are accurate!!


And what can I say- DELICIOUS!! The coconut milk, spices and array of ingredients create an amazing variety of tastes and textures – a creamy yet flavoursome and oriental taste to the dish, with an added crunch from the sugar-snap peas.

All in all, an absolutely delicious dish, quick prep time and inexpensive. Thank you Madeleine, for another amazing creation!!



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